EcoMag ( is recovering  magnesium (Mg) as >99% pure hydrated magnesium carbonate (HMC) from waste bitterns and brines produced from solar salt fields or potash mines. These wastes are currently discharged to sea causing damages to marine life or stored as tailing at the mine sites.

HMC can then be further processed to Mg oxide/hydroxide and several high purity pharmaceutical and food grade organic salts (citrate, glycinate, etc.) used in Mg supplements, foods and drinks.

As the Mg feed to the EcoMag process is a waste, it brings zero CO2 input to the final products. As a result, EcoMag products have lower CO2 footprint compared to those produced from conventional technologies as confirmed in an independent study conducted by the German Aerospace Centre.

Mg recovery from mining magnesite ores or subterranean brine wells poses potential damages to the environment. Ground disturbance of open cut magnesite mine site requires extensive rehabilitation to return the site to its original state. Recovering Mg brines from subterranean wells potentially causes mine subsidence as experienced by Nedmag and similar operations in the Netherlands. Earthquakes and brine leaks to groundwater apart form mine subsidence have been of great concern as experienced by Nedmag  leading to strict government scrutiny of these operations (

EcoMag potentially is the first and only producer of high purity Mg specialty chemicals in Australia employing a sustainable and environmentally friendly process for production. EcoMag’s future operation in the Pilbara is also of significance to the development of regional Australia.

EcoMag is a proud supporter of the circular Economy