EcoMag sequestration of CO2 waste into real value product

For the next 100 years the search to find a way of putting CO2 back into solid format away from the air and away from the oceans will continue. But in order for it to be practical, this solid format must have value and must not simply be treated as waste if it is to make a real change in our approach to dealing with the excessive amount of CO2 being produced very dayAt EcoMag, we have now proven that we can incorporate CO2 into our process and make product that is highly sought after and in demand in both the pharmaceutical and building industries.

. Near our Karratha facility we have a number of CO2 producers whose CO2 waste we could readily capture and transport to our site for Synthetic Magnesium production of Magnesium Carbonate (HMC), Magnesium that is the most pure and with the lowest carbon footprint. HMC is used for production of magnesium supplements which is a trending natural daily health requirement. The plastics industry also uses HMC to produce fire preventative coating for electrical wire to stop fires in aircraft. The glass produced for mobile phones uses HMC to make it strong and this glass can also be used to make high strength engineered glass building structures. The highest usage of entrapped CO2 is in building fabrication. Instead of plasterboard and other external cladding, it comes with the added benefit of being light and fire resistant. So putting CO2 back into structures requires a company like EcoMag that has true CO2 sequestration technology and derived product that is highly profitable. Please listen to the interview attached to understand more about what EcoMag is doing in the ESG environment and why we endeavour to be leaders in this industry

Click here to hear the interview with ABC radio and CEO Tony Crimmins listen