EcoMag working with The Jummi Factory: First Nations business caring for Community and Envronment

EcoMag working with Jummi factory in making First Nations medicine in products for Australia and the USA. Josie Alec the owner of Jummi Factory has been seeking a partner that has the expertise in both natural plant extraction and marketing expertise for Australia and beyond. Josie lives in Karratha Western Australia, and her mother taught her which plants can be used for the treatment of ailments used by First Nations people in northern Western Australia.

The Jummi Factory is the name of her company and is a take on the aboriginal word ‘Jami’ which is name used for this medicine. “Too long we have ignored medicine that was used by aboriginals in Western Australia for the treatment of everyday ailments” Josie reflects on the strong medical relief extract that provided safe use for aboriginal people. “It is not just about the plant and its extract but incorporates how we collect the plant, when and where” says Josie “It is our Aboriginal protocol as traditional healers that provides the connection to the extract from our Jummi plant”

. Josie is dedicated to bringing Aboriginal medicine to the front here in Australia and overseas and found willing partners in EcoMag  to propel the business forward.  “Our mantra is always to assist businesses rather than hamper their growth” how Tony Crimmins CEO of EcoMag describes why EcoMag is working hard behind the scenes on its business mentor and incubation programme. “It is what EcoMag is trying to emphasise that business is not about fencing off operations but incorporating other business so that together you can get business that live and sustain off each other”. EcoMag’s alignment with The Jummi Factory is a program designed to develop a First Nations business using the tools that has allowed EcoMag to exist and survive.

The Jummi Factory and EcoMag are concerned businesses that promote sustainable project that care for our land water sea and air. It about the future and keeping this land intact for future generations. EcoMag is a  promotor of First Nations businesses and provides positive can-do work mentality to get through barriers and move forward.