EcoMag’s process produces extremely high purity Hydrated Magnesium Carbonate (HMC), in excess of 99.5% (which compares with 80-92% from conventional mining).

Further processing produces Magnesium Hydroxide (MDH) in a range of forms including; Caustic Calcined Magnesia (CCM), Hard Burned Magnesia (HBM), Dead Burned Magnesia (DBM) and Fused Magnesia (FM).

High purity MgO in the form of HBM is needed in the production of special chemically-toughened glasses such as ‘Gorilla Glass’, used in displays for smartphones, tablets, laptops, TVs and computer monitors.

High purity CCM is ideal for animal feeds, particularly for dairy cows and other lactating mammals, which are susceptible to magnesium deficiency.

High purity MDH is used in fire retardants, removing sulphur from flue-gas, and industrial water treatment.

Magnesium compounds are used in the production of a wide range of products and applications:

  • furnace refractories
  • glass products
  • animal feed supplements
  • medical applications
  • building products, including plaster board, bricks, & cement
  • filler for paint, pulp & paper
  • steel & nickel processing
  • fire extinguishing compositions
  • cosmetics & personal care products
  • magnesium metal production

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