Magnesium Organic Esters

EcoMag has used HMC as a feedstock to create a range of bioavailable high purity magnesium organic esters appropriate for use in foods and beverages, supplements, topically applied therapies and pharmaceuticals. including;

  • magnesium citrate nonahydrate – C12Mg3H10O14.9H2O
  • magnesium lactate – C6H10MgO6
  • magnesium succinate – C4H4MgO4
  • magnesium glycolate – C4H6MgO6
  • magnesium ascorbate – C12H14MgO12
  • magnesium acetate – C4H6MgO4
  • magnesium gluconate dihydrate – C12H22MgO2H2O
  • magnesium nicotinate dihydrate – C12H8MgN2O4.2H2O
  • magnesium glycinate – C4H8MgN2O4
  • magnesium malate trihydrate – C4H4MgO5.3H2O
  • magnesium formate dihydrate – C2H2MgO4.2H2O

These magnesium organics with purity of 99.7-99.9% could be used as precursors to produce a variety of pharmaceutical-grade compounds.

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