Ongoing Product Development

EcoMag is committed to a ongoing investment in specialty chemical product development, as a key strategy for driving future growth through an expanding product portfolio. The program currently covers a wide range of downstream products:

  • the production of magnesium organic esters including magnesium acetate, citrate and lactate, for use in cosmetic, personal care and nutraceutical products,
  • the production of MDH by direct processing from HMC,
  • optimising conditions for producing ultra-high purity HMC powder,
  • large surface area magnesium aerogels and magnesium metal–organic frameworks, with potential applications in new-generation magnesium batteries, and the conversion of waste carbon dioxide into methane,
  • the production of magnesium phosphate using HMC (or bitterns as a raw feed) for animal nutrition and fertilizer products.

EcoMag is a participant in the Korean Government’s World Class 300 R&D program investigating the development of non-halogen inorganic materials for battery membranes, and composite resins with improved flame retarding performance. Research encompasses technologies for manufacturing;

  • superfine alumina trihydrate (ATH) and MDH flame retardant materials,
  • MgO based smart glass,
  • superfine boehmite for secondary battery separation.