EcoMag is committed to becoming an internationally competitive specialty chemicals producer based on value differentiation. As such, ongoing investment in specialty chemical product development is a key strategy for driving future growth through an expanding product portfolio.

EcoMag leads research & development collaborations with University of New South Wales where EcoMag’s Chief Technology Officer, Professor Tam Tran is a Professorial Fellow. Collaborations with UNSW’s School of Chemical Engineering Particles and Catalysis Research Group (PARTCAT) have;

  • shown that EcoMag’s CO2 emissions are lower than those of conventional producers of magnesium oxide and dihydroxide products
  • created novel magnesium oxide materials with high surface areas per gram increasing chemical reactivity
  • developed techniques for loading high chemical reactivity magnesium oxide materials onto molecular sieve structures and creating metal organic frameworks; with potential catalysis applications (in joint collaboration with Australia’s CSIRO)
  • demonstrated potential applications for air filtering and purification based on capture of sulphur dioxide, nitrous oxide, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and other gases
  • developed a variety of Magnesium organic salts for application in the manufacture of human supplements, topically applied therapies and pharmaceuticals.

EcoMag is a participant in the Korean Government’s World Class 300 R&D program investigating the development of non-halogen inorganic materials for battery membranes, and composite resins with improved flame retarding performance. Research encompasses technologies for manufacturing;

  • superfine alumina trihydrate (ATH) and MDH flame retardant materials,
  • MgO based smart glass,
  • superfine boehmite for secondary battery separation.