About Us

EcoMag Limited is an unlisted Australian public company established in 2015 to  produce and sell a range of specialty chemicals derived from high purity magnesium extracted from bitterns generated by sea-salt production using a magnesium precipitation process co-invented by EcoMag Chief Technology Officer, Professor Tam Tran.

These materials are used in a range of high-value applications and EcoMag continues to invest in its expanding portfolio of advanced magnesium materials.

Over the last few years, EcoMag has been developing, refining and demonstrating this technology, first at laboratory scales, then at far larger scales via the operation of pilot plants in Korea and in Western Australia at Dampier, adjacent to Australia’s largest solar salt operation.

EcoMag is planning to build a commercial-scale magnesium recovery and processing plant on land it has leased near Dampier, and expects to commence construction in 2019.

The Board of EcoMag is committed to high standards of environmental and social corporate citizenship, and to running a company worthy of participation by ethical investors.