The Company

EcoMag Limited is an unlisted Australian public company established in 2015 to commercialise a magnesium processing technology originated by EcoMag Director, Professor Tam Tran.

We have secured the required land and access to bitterns in Dampier, WA for a magnesium recovery plant to process 500 megalitres per year of bitterns, and are testing the process in an on-site pilot plant.

We are now progressing toward funding and building the commercial scale plant.

Future expansion options include:

  • Processing bitterns from other salt operations in the region and elsewhere around the world;
  • Importing and upgrading low grade magnesium chloride and similar materials from other projects to produce HMC and other magnesium products;
  • Upgrading HMC from the processing plants into a range of magnesium products, including magnesia (MgO), magnesium hydroxide and metallic magnesium;
  • Recovering additional products, such as potassium and boron.