Production Capacity

Production is expected to commence in late 2019 at a plant located approximately three kilometres north of Karratha near Nickol Bay. The 8 ha site has immediate access to a 4,000 megalitre per year discarded bittern stream, and ready access to Dampier Port.

EcoMag expects to commence construction of the commercial scale plant in early 2019,  with the capacity to produce 80,000 tonnes per year of hydrated magnesium carbonate (or 32,000 tonnes per year of caustic calcined magnesia).

This scale would utilise approximately 500 megalitres per year of the bitterns, around one eighth of the total resource available at the site.

The initial plant site and bittern stream provides substantial scope for expansion of production capacity in an enlarged processing plant. In addition, EcoMag is in discussion with other salt producers and potash brine producers in Western Australia with a view to establishing plants at additional sites.