Cutting Edge Research

The EcoMag process originated in University laboratories and EcoMag remains committed to collaborating with the best minds and institutions around the globe in the pursuit of cutting edge research and development.

R&D partnerships include Australia’s UNSW Sydney and CSIRO, and Korea’s Chonnam National University and Pusan National University.

Research projects include:

  • the production of magnesium organic esters including magnesium acetate, citrate and lactate, for use in cosmetic, personal care and nutraceutical products,
  • the production of MDH by direct processing from HMC,
  • optimising conditions for producing ultra-high purity HMC powder,
  • large surface area magnesium aerogels and magnesium metal–organic frameworks, with potential applications in new-generation magnesium batteries, and the conversion of waste carbon dioxide into methane,
  • the production of magnesium phosphate using HMC (or bitterns as a raw feed) for animal nutrition and fertilizer products.

EcoMag is a participant in the Korean Government’s World Class 300 R&D program investigating the development of non-halogen inorganic materials for battery membranes, and composite resins with improved flame retarding performance.

Research encompasses technologies for manufacturing;

  • superfine alumina trihydrate (ATH) and MDH flame retardant materials,
  • MgO based smart glass,
  • superfine boehmite for secondary battery separation.