Social and Ethical Responsibility

EcoMag is committed to high standards of environmental and social corporate citizenship.

Enhancing the sustainability of global manufacturing by operating an environmentally sustainable business and promoting and implementing principles of the circular economy.

Contributing to economic development, employment and education in the areas in which it operates.

EcoMag has proposed the establishment of a Karratha Eco Hub Innovation and Industry Precinct to attract complementary technology-based industries to the area.

The precinct would produce high value‐add products, to help diversify and transform the Pilbara region’s economy, decreasing its reliance on iron ore production, and improving economic performance and resilience.

Engaging with local indigenous communities in the areas in which it operates, to provide employment opportunities and economic development for members of these communities, while respecting the cultural heritage and rights of traditional landowners.

EcoMag plans to draw at least 10% of its Pilbara workforce from the local indigenous community.

Promoting workplace safety, diversity and gender equality.

As EcoMag grows and develops, it plans to establish reporting procedures for a range of Environmental and Social Governance metrics, increasing the number of metrics it reports on each year.