The Circular Econony

The Circular Economy

Our circular economy business model involves:

  • extracting magnesium from existing waste streams;
  • no mining of finite ore bodies;
  • powering processes with solar energy;
  • reduced CO2 emissions;
  • potential for carbon sequestration.

Our process uses largely benign chemicals used widely in the mining industry.

The residual magnesium content is <0.1%, which is similar to the level found in sea water and substantially more environmentally benign than the current bittern waste stream.

EcoMag has commissioned a detailed life cycle analysis of its process from the German Aerospace Center. This analysis shows EcoMag’s process is potentially much less carbon intensive than:

  • conventional roasting of magnesite ores,
  • processing high purity MgO and Mg hydroxide from seawater Mg chloride (e.g. the Aman process used by Israeli Chemicals Ltd and Japanese producers), or
  • extraction from Mg silicate ore using high temperature processing (e.g. the Magnifin process used by RHI, Austria).