EcoMag’s process recovers magnesium from waste bitterns or subterranean brines, cleaning existing waste streams and producing magnesium compounds with reduced carbon dioxide emissions, and without mining finite ore bodies.


EcoMag holds an exclusive license to exploit a patented new technology to produce low cost, high purity magnesium products from the waste streams of existing salt production facilities.


EcoMag produces extremely high purity Magnesium compounds – in excess of 99.5%. These are used in a wide range of products and applications; from toughened glass to animal feed supplements to cosmetics.


Turning salty waste water into white gold

ABC North West recently featured EcoMag’s WA General Manager Shaun Triner on Facebook promising plenty of local WA jobs – and hopefully soon! …and on Country Hour on ABC Country Radio in WA, explaining the science behind the magic that…

Magnesium pilot project starts up in Karratha

The West Australian, January 17, 2108 A magnesium pilot project on the outskirts of Karratha has been launched to test the waters for potential commercial production by the end of 2019. EcoMag will use technology developed in Australia and South…

The New Pilbara

The Pilbara Economic Development Conference,  Sep 6, 2017 Shaun Triner, General Manager – Western Australia for ECOMAG presents to the Pilbara Economic Development Conference regarding developing industries supporting new uses for materials.